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Ecomess 2017: Organic city, a meeting place of culture and nature

Ecomess is a public festival, taking place on 22 -23 September 2017 in the Railway station pavilion „Balti jaam“ in Tallinn, Estonia. The motto of the 2017 festival is „Organic city“.

Ecomess first started seven years ago, initiated by the need to understand creative building activities in restoration and eco-building projects. At the same time it is equally important to revolt against over-consumption. Citizens and NGOs, supported by municipal and national institutions, have turned Ecomess into an annual event that takes place every autumn.

Modern society needs to consider culture and environment in our everyday lives, we need to take actions to reduce CO2, pollution, find ways to keep alive valuable historical buildings and historical areas. Ecomess seeks to provide inspiration for the construction of environmentally friendly buildings, recycling, crafts and everyday life. Throughout two days the organisers offer lectures and forums, workshops and training sessions, movies, presentations and exhibitions, craft demonstrations, and best examples of experimental restoration and ecobuilding projects. In the evening of 23 September a Fashion Show of re-used materials and concert by „Sõpruse puiestee“ (Engl. „Friendship Avenue“) will take place.

The main organizer of Ecomess 2017 is the Information Centre of Sustainable Renovation (SRIK), in cooperation with Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn Energy Agency, National Heritage Board, Lahemaa National Park, Estonian Heritage Society.

Tarmo Andre Elvisto, Project leader of Ecomess