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Donata Armakauskaitė has more than 10 years’ experience of working in different cultural organisations as well as international cultural programmes and cultural infrastructure renewal projects. At the moment Donata is working with the newly established Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture (MUWA) in Vilnius, where a team from 4 people are creating new museum and consultation centre in a restored wooden house. Donata also is a Ph.D researcher at Vilnius University Faculty of Communication preparing a dissertation on social capital, developed in the museums. Dissertation includes theoretical approach to the social capital and its development through the main museum activities: preservation of cultural heritage, research and communication (including informational, educational and other innovative activities). Donata holds MA in History and Cultural Heritage and BA in Cultural History and Anthropology. She was also involved in various cultural, historical and sociological research projects, mostly focused on the evaluation of development of cultural organisations and the evaluation of the cultural content.